Bike cadence

Bike Technique, October 17, 2016

Reasoned arguments why triathletes need to train BOTH high cadence and low cadence cycling

There are quite a few 'opinion pieces' out there discussing why triathletes should be favouring high or (particularly) low cadences.  As with many things, it is an issue which would benefit you to look at from both sides.  

In these two articles, scientist & coach Alan Couzens discusses why you need both high cadence, low force training and lower cadence, higher force.

Why we spin – High cadence training for triathletes.

Alan Couzens, MS (Sports Science)


Talking the Torque: Strength-Endurance Training for Cyclists

Alan Couzens, MS (Sports Science)


Bottom line: High cadence develops metabolic efficiency, and low cadence develops strength reserve.  Bike performance is a factor of both